The Jr. Historian's Guide to Disneyland

Explore the fascinating history behind Disneyland – a theme park history book for kids 9 to 12.

Inspire an interest in history with this fun and immersive journey across 20th century US history through the lens of the happiest place on earth. From awful ideas left on the drawing board to actual flying (and sinking!) ships, Fastpass to the Past: A Jr. Historian’s Guide to Disneyland is a thrilling grand circle tour of Disneyland’s past and present.

In this California history book, kids will walk in the footsteps of Walt Disney before discovering the inspiring stories and hidden Disneyland secrets behind ALL of their favorite theme attractions, including The Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan’s Flight, and even Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Want to order a copy from your local bookstore? You can! Give them a call and provide them with the ISBN 978-0578301914.

Blast off to the past!

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Meet the Author

Austin Carroll is a writer from Vero Beach, Florida. She grew up visiting Walt Disney World with her younger sister. At 21 years old, she became a Disneyland Cast Member and quickly worked her way up from Teacups Operator to Guest Relations. At City Hall, she loved sharing theme park secrets with guests like you. Today, she shares the history of theme parks worldwide on her podcast, FastPass to the Past: The Theme Park History Podcast. She has been named a ‘Theme Park Expert’ by USA Today. 

Austin is fascinated by the intersection of popular culture and business. Austin holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. She received her bachelor’s degree from Chapman University (less than 4 miles from Disneyland), where her studies focused on California and Film/TV history. She now lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with her husband and two feisty cats. Fastpass to the Past is Austin’s first children’s book.

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Join Austin as she takes you through the outrageous and sometimes downright strange origin stories of your favorite theme parks, attractions, and shows. The outlandish history of Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farms, and much more will be explored along with some outrageous stories from former Employees & Cast Members. 

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